Babies are born pre-polluted with BPA


Bisphenol A (BPA), an estrogenic chemical linked to breast cancer and other health problems, has been found for the first time in the umbilical cord blood of newborn American babies, according to a study out today. It's hard evidence that BPA crosses the placenta from mom to child, and that babies are exposed to toxic chemicals during the critical period of development before birth.

2009.12_cordbloodAA The new biomonitoring study (measurements of chemicals in blood, etc.) was conducted by our colleagues at the Environmental Working Group. In all, EWG found 232 toxic chemicals in 10 cord blood samples from babies of African American, Asian and Latino descent born in the U.S. BPA was in 9 of the 10 samples.

Though previous studies indicate that 93 percent of Americans over 6 have BPA in their bodies, this is the first time the chemical's presence has been confirmed in children under 6.

We want BPA out of everyone, infant to adult. A chemical linked to breast cancer shouldn't be circulating in our blood.

The Breast Cancer Fund has been working with members of Congress to get BPA out of a primary source of exposure: food and beverage containers, including canned goods and reusable water bottles. The Ban Poisonous Additives Act was introduced earlier this year, and you can help move it through Congress by asking your senators to sign on as co-sponsors. Either send a letter via our Web site, or call your senate offices (use our legislator lookup tool to find phone numbers).


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