Beauty tips for the FDA (The Investigative Fund, 5/6/13)


After John Wasik's wife, Kathleen,
was diagnosed with breast cancer, the couple started to ask "why"?
She didn't have the BRCA breast cancer gene, and her surgeon suggested that
environmental factors might be responsible. Eventually,
Kathleen discovered the Breast Cancer Fund,
and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. She proceeded to throw away her cosmetics—and
Wasik started a journey exploring the vital question that we at the Breast
Cancer Fund have been asking for the past ten years:

"How is it, I wanted to
know, that the FDA, which was created by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic
Act of 1938, leaves the regulation of cosmetics largely up to the cosmetics

He explains how the Cosmetic
Ingredient Review, the entity that is supposed to be responsible for ensuring
the safety of cosmetic products, is not subject to Freedom of Information Act
requests and would not disclose its budget.  As Wasik points out: “the CIR
has no power over the industry that finances it.”

Wasik also explores pinkwashing and cosmetic company
lobbying: two powerful explanations for our lax regulatory
environment. The piece ends on a guardedly hopeful note with the introduction
of the Safe Cosmetics Act. 

Wasik reported this piece for
the Investigative Fund, which is part of The Nation Institute. He has been
working as a financial reporter for the past 25 years, and this article is a
must read.

To learn more about the cosmetic
links to breast cancer:

To take action on the Safe
Cosmetics Act:


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