BPA battle makes way to Senate (Politico, 4/20/2010)


Big news on the BPA front: It looks like bill language that would reduce exposure to BPA will be moving in the Senate as part of the Food Safety Modernization Act. This is great news for all of us working to protect people from this toxic chemical. We’ve long seen BPA as a food-safety issue, so couldn’t be more thrilled that Congress might agree. An article today in Politico tells the story, including some great insights from the Breast Cancer Fund’s Janet Nudelman:

“We know enough about BPA to be concerned, and we know that there are safer alternatives to BPA on the market for food packaging,” she said. “A chemical as toxic as BPA has no business being in food packaging, period.”

Nudelman said some manufacturers have already begun using BPA-free substitutes. The Breast Cancer Fund, which works to eliminate breast cancer’s environmental causes, is leading a coalition of about 100 groups, including women’s health, faith, environmental health and medical organizations, lobbying senators to support the ban. (Read complete article.)


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