New studies confirm BPA in receipts, while NY bans chem from baby bottles


Two forms of progress on the bisphenol A front in recent weeks, with the good news first:

On Friday, New York's Gov. Paterson signed into law a ban on BPA in baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers and straws. Borrowing from our friends at Clean New York, "New York is now the seventh state – and by far the largest in both population and economy – to pass phase out of BPA in young children's products, joining Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin."

Kids' exposures to BPA have been a top priority for advocates across the country because their developing bodies are especially sensitive to the chemical's estrogenic effects. With so many states now on board, we're hopeful that Congress will fast-track the issue, too.

And now the less-good news. New tests confirm what we've known but had little data on: BPA is on cash register receipts printed on thermal paper, the type widely used in ATMs, gas pumps, grocery stores and other retailers. Cashiers are particularly at risk.

But as the Washington Post reported last week, there's some good coming of this news. For one, the EPA is pushing register paper suppliers to find alternative coatings that don't contain BPA. And because the largest U.S. supplier of such papers has already ditched BPA, we know it's possible. While upsetting, these new tests could spur quick change that reduces our overall BPA exposure. Every bit counts.


One thought on “New studies confirm BPA in receipts, while NY bans chem from baby bottles

  1. I am always pleased when someone signs good things into law-It is sad to see the kinds of products our children are exposed to-Good for New York I hope the rest will follow suit soon

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