Breast Cancer And Dogs: The Next ‘Canaries In The Coal Mine’? (Huffington Post, 10/12/2013)


Dogs can get cancer, too. And this Huffington Post article, which quotes our director of science, Sharima Rasanayagam, describes how dog cancer can teach us about human cancer.

"Both dogs and humans can absorb chemicals under the tongue. Lab animals, such as the mice commonly used in studies of toxic chemical exposures, only absorb through their stomachs. The sublingual route results in far higher levels of exposure, reported authors of a study published in June on dogs exposed to bisphenol A, a hormone-disrupting chemical known as BPA."

The article also cites our Beyond the Pink initiative.

"'The pink movement has been fantastic in raising awareness and helping people who get breast cancer to move towards a cure and give them hope,' said Rasanayagam. 'But what we would love would be for fewer people to get that diagnosis in the first place.'

'I think we have a lot to learn from our companion animals,' Rasanayagam added."

Read on in the full story.


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