California Assembly protects industry instead of infants


On September 11, the California Assembly failed to pass SB 797, which would have banned toxic bisphenol A, or BPA, from plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and the lining of infant formula cans.

Sacramento rally in support of BPA bill

Who fought for this bill? An impressive and diverse coalition that included the Breast Cancer Fund, Environmental Working Group, Physicians for Social Responsibility, California Women Infants and Children (WIC), Moms Rising, NRDC, the California Teachers Association and the California Labor Council, and thousands of concerned people—perhaps including you.

Who fought against this bill? The chemical and infant-formula industries, which waged a lobbying campaign like nothing we’ve seen before in Sacramento.

Who did the majority-Democratic Assembly listen to? Sadly, the lack of votes needed to pass the bill answers that question.

But there is good news. The bill may be taken up again next year and, in the meantime, the movement away from this toxic chemical grows in strength and pace. As our policy manager Gretchen Lee Salter put it, "It's sobering that our Assembly did not act to protect the millions of California babies and toddlers who are exposed to BPA every day. But the tide has turned against this toxic chemical, and other states, Congress, and innovative companies are leading the way. Hopefully, California will catch up."

So, we say THANK YOU to all who joined us in supporting this bill, and we say ONWARD!


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