California signals intent to add BPA to state’s toxics list


California's Environmental Protection Agency today made a critical move in adding bisphenol A to the state's Prop. 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects.

Cal EPA said on its Web site today that BPA "appears to meet the criteria for listing as known to the State to cause reproductive toxicity." The agency is now soliciting public comments (add your thoughts!) regarding listing BPA.

The upside for Californians is that once BPA is listed, manufacturers and retailers may have to disclose the presence of BPA in products they sell in California.

The upside for residents of other states? In many cases, manufacturers have chosen to remove Prop. 65 chemicals from their products rather than label them, which could mean safer products nationwide.

You might recall that last summer the state failed to list BPA on Prop. 65 through a hearing process, of which the Breast Cancer Fund and some of our amazing advocates were a part. This new listing opportunity was put into motion via a different Prop. 65 process by our colleagues at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

It's yet another knock for BPA, a chemical that doesn't belong in our food, our drinks or our kids' bottles.


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