Campaign gets companies to make safer cosmetics (Associated Press, 11/30/2011)


More than 400 cosmetics companies have removed chemicals linked to disease from their products under the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics' seven-year effort to shift the market toward safer products, as reported by the Associated Press today:

More than 400 companies selling cosmetic and other personal care products have removed potentially hazardous chemicals from them, after a seven-year campaign by a large coalition of consumer, health and environmental groups.

The coalition of about 150 groups worked with the companies to get them to remove substances banned by health authorities in other countries, particularly chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects and preservatives that release formaldehyde, which can cause cancer as well as burn the eyes, nose and throat. The coalition also pushed for companies to list all ingredients in their products, which many companies don't do. (Read complete article.)

The Campaign, a project of the Breast Cancer Fund, launched a voluntary pledge for manufacturers called the Compact for Safe Cosmetics in 2004. In the Compact's seven years (closed in 2011, although the broader Campaign continues) more than 1,500 companies signed on.

A report released by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics today, Market Shift, celebrates the 321 companies that met all requirements of the Compact, as well as 111 that made significant progress toward those goals.


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