NYT’s Kristof sounds alarm re: toxic chemicals and disease

Have mainstream journalists been too dismissive of the connection between toxic chemicals and increasing rates of development disorders, cancer and other illnesses?

Ask Janet!

On the next few Fridays (and perhaps beyond), Breast Cancer Fund Science Advisor Janet Gray, Ph.D., of Vassar College, will lend her scientific expertise in environmental health to answering burning questions around the link between breast cancer and environmental exposures. Question from Ariane, California: I recently noticed that some of our office supplies promise antimicrobial protection. … Read more…

Study: Chemicals, pollutants found in newborns (San Francisco Chronicle, 12/3/09)

Besides BPA, umbilical cord blood of American infants may be contaminated with synthetic musks. These musks are chemicals commonly used in “fragrance,” that mystery ingredient in shampoo, lotion, spray cleaner and, yes, perfume.

Weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention

We’ve finished another week of everyday tips to help you reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer. Thank you again to Dr. Gray and The Daily Green for making this possible. You can access all of the October tips on our Not My Breasts blog and find occasional tips throughout the year, as … Read more…

Weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention

We took Monday off for the holiday, so we have four tips in this week's roundup of breast cancer prevention tips, courtesy Dr. Janet Gray and the Daily Green. If you missed them on Facebook, find them now, right here! Avoid weed killers — on your lawn, around the house and in kids' play areas. … Read more…