Should I Drink Potentially Toxic Water? WV Gov. Says, “It’s Your Decision” (Huffington Post, 1/28/14)

Photo of Charleston skyline by Tim Kiser Following a disastrous chemical spill in West Virginia, the state's governor, Earl Ray Tomblin told people they could make their own decision as to whether or not they would like to use the water. And in her latest Huffington Post piece Breast Cancer Fund President and CEO Jeanne … Read more…

Media roundup: New study finds exposure to toxic phthalates in decline (1/15-1/16)

Phthalate levels are declining in our bodies, according to a study published on Wednesday by Environmental Health Perspectives. Study authors suggest that the decrease may be due to a federal ban on phthalates in toys, as well as cosmetics companies moving away from the use of these chemicals in response to advocacy efforts led by the … Read more…

A toxic situation: Walmart and Target take on chemical safety (The Guardian, 12/17/2013)

In a perfect world, the government would rely on sound science to regulate chemicals in personal and home care products, and consumers could safely assume that there’s no need to worry about the things they buy…

Stepping up to the TSCA plate

Last week a coalition of socially responsible businesses formed Companies for Safer Chemicals, which brings a fresh perspective to the TSCA reform debate that protecting the health of your customers and workers is NOT bad for the economy. In fact, it spurs the innovation that creates jobs!

When 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, how much more awareness do we need?

While Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be winding down, we're not. We're doing this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Join us to stop breast cancer before it starts. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and pledge to go Beyond the Pink. [View the story "Breast Cancer Month: When 1 in … Read more…

On this last day of breast cancer “awareness” month, know this: (Pink Ribbon Blues, 10/31/2013)

Identifying and influencing environmental causes may be challenging, but once they are identified shouldn’t they be taken out of circulation? For the sake of prevention?

Shoppers move Target to address toxic chemicals (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/28/2013)

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Target’s new sustainability standard that will evaluate and rank personal care and cleaning products based on ingredient safety and disclosure and environmental impact.

Researchers believe BPA poses risk to babies in the womb (ABC News, 10/8/2013)

BPA could pose a risk to children long before they take their first sip of milk…

5 ‘Beyond the Pink’ Facts about Breast Cancer (The Daily Green, 10/1/2013)

October has been so well-branded as Breast Cancer Awareness Month that pink has all but replaced Autumn’s reds and golds as the color most associated with the month…

Disrupted Development: The Dangers of Prenatal BPA Exposure (The Huffington Post, 9/23/13)

As the evidence piles up about the devastating effects that prenatal chemical exposure can have on later-life health, we must consider what more can be done to protect pregnant women from toxic chemical exposures.