Toxins causing ‘grievous harm,’ cancer panel says (USA Today, 5/6/2010)

“Widespread exposure to environmental toxins poses a serious threat to Americans, causing ‘grievous harm’ that government agencies have not adequately addressed, according to a strongly worded report released today by the President’s Cancer Panel …”

Congress takes on chemical safety

Congress is finally going to take a serious crack at reforming the totally outdated and broken system of chemical regulation at the Environmental Protection Agency. After years of hard work by a coalition of environmental health organizations including the Breast Cancer Fund…

Measuring pollution in people

In recent years, biomonitoring – tracking and measuring the pollution in our bodies – has revolutionized our thinking about toxic chemicals. Studies have found hundreds of industrial chemicals used to manufacture consumer goods in the blood and urine of Americans.

Calif. Parents to Urge Assembly to Ban BPA in Baby Products

Last Wednesday, Los Angeles mothers rallied to ban the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA) from baby bottles and children’s sippy cups. This Wednesday, concerned mothers and health advocates from across the state will gather in the halls of the California State Capitol to move the Assembly to support SB 797, legislation that would ban BPA from … Read more…