Exposed: The mammogram myth and the pinkwashing of America (Orion Magazine, 9-10/2013)

“We don’t need more ribbons. What we need is to face a truth that is not pretty, not pink, and not reassuring at all. Chemicals are in our bodies. They are causing cancer. And all the pink ribbons in the world aren’t going to fix that.”

Five Things You Should Know About Environmental Links to Breast Cancer (Forbes, 12/7/2011)

Amy Westervelt’s piece does a great job of parsing through the intricacies of the Institute of Medicine’s new report. Here’s an excerpt, with a quote from our president and CEO, Jeanne Rizzo…

It’s Time for Breast Cancer Prevention Month (Huffington Post, 10/12/2010)

It’s that pink time of year again, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But when virtually every American has been touched by the disease, who among us is not aware of breast cancer? What we need is Breast Cancer PREVENTION Month…

New report catalogues chemical and radiation links to breast cancer

On the first day of what we at the Breast Cancer Fund consider Breast Cancer Prevention Month, we released the 2010 edition of our landmark report, State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment.

Toxins causing ‘grievous harm,’ cancer panel says (USA Today, 5/6/2010)

“Widespread exposure to environmental toxins poses a serious threat to Americans, causing ‘grievous harm’ that government agencies have not adequately addressed, according to a strongly worded report released today by the President’s Cancer Panel …”

Mammography Screening: Are we asking the wrong question?

This week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force announced new mammography guidelines, moving the recommended age for women to receive their annual screenings from 40 to 50. Because mammography is one of the few tools available for breast cancer detection, the response from women across the country has been one of overwhelming frustration and anxiety. … Read more…

Final weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention

October has come to an end and so has our tip series for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But, please remember that these helpful, everyday tips can still be found on the Breast Cancer Fund’s blog. We definitely encourage you to revisit these suggestions, written by Dr. Janet Gray, editor of the Breast Cancer Fund’s 2008 … Read more…