Change in plans brings climbers and community closer together


One certainty in life is that things can change at any moment. Yesterday we posted about Mt. Shasta Mountain Guides' decision to push back our climbers' summit attempt because of weather conditions. As a result of this change in plans, the climbers have had more time to bond with their teammates and get additional training on the mountain.

We hear that the climbers are in high spirits and will take the extra time at base camp to go on short hikes and do some additional training for climbing in the snow. They're also playing games and taking in the views. 

Mountain view


Check out more photos from the mountain at our regularly updated Flickr page:

Meanwhile, back in town, our wonderful Mt. Shasta business partners are going out of their way to support our climbers on the mountain. Keith Cool, the owner of Mt. Shasta Supermarket, had his team on an assembly line early this morning, a day ahead of schedule, preparing sandwiches for climbers. Intrepid, volunteer porters will bring those sandwiches all the way up to base camp. In addition, our friends at outdoor equipment shop, The Fifth Season, who usually prepare breakfast for climbers on Thursday morning, have volunteered to lighten our climbers' loads for their journeys down Mt. Shasta after their summit attempts.

The weather forecast is clear with a low chance of precipation. We have high hopes that our climbers will be able to make their summit attempt dark and early Thursday morning!


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