Chemical reform in the next Congress?


During the 2010 legislative session, Congress was poised to give real teeth to the broken Toxic Substances Control Act. But the chemical industry pulled out all the stops to block reform of business-as-usual, and both bills appear stalled for this year.

Despite rhetoric about being supportive of chemical policy reform, the $674 billion chemical industry invested millions of dollars in lobbying and campaign contributions to defeat any chance of TSCA reform legislation passing this year. A Politics Daily article reports that in the first six months of 2010 the industry spent more than $40 million on lobbying.Their combined campaign contributions so far in the current election cycle come to more than $10 million.

Despite industry's money advantage, we have the American people on our side.The Breast Cancer Fund is a founding member of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, a coalition of more than 250 organizations representing major green groups, state and grassroots organizations, health-professional and health-affected groups, environmental justice leaders, progressive businesses, parents, scientists, young people and more. The total membership of these groups exceeds 11 million. And recent polling shows overwhelming support for reform of our broken chemical management system.

The Breast Cancer Fund and our allies will be back in 2011 to ensure that, when it's reintroduced, the legislation supports quick action on the chemicals we already know are bad for human health and the environment; basic safety information on ALL chemicals in commerce, with industry bearing the burden of proof to show that chemicals are safe; and a health standard that will truly protect the public, including the most vulnerable: our children.

Ask your Congressional representatives to support chemical reform when it comes back in front of Congress in 2011.


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