Chemical safety bill too flawed to support (San Francisco Chronicle, 7/5/2013)


A San Francisco Chronicle editorial published on Friday echoes the Breast Cancer Fund's position on the U.S. Senate's Chemical Safety Improvement Act (S1009), reiterating our point that the bill must be strengthened to meet our country's need for meaningful chemicals safety reform.

The Chemical Safety Improvement Act, or CSIA, was introduced in May by
Senators David Vitter and the recently deceased Frank Lautenberg.It is an attempt to reform the woefully outdated Toxic Substances Control
Act (TSCA), but it  has some serious flaws that must be addressed to make sure
that people are protected from toxic chemicals that contribute to breast
cancer and a host of other diseases and chronic health problems.

The editorial accurately explains how the bill could weaken California's (and other states') rules on global warming, toxic chemicals in flame retardants and Proposition 65, which protects the public against chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects and other illnesses.

Jeanne Rizzo, our president and chief executive officer, is quoted in the article:

"Chemicals can make you sick. You have to control what people are
exposed to."

Read the full article here and take action to enhance this proposed legislation. Write
your senators today to tell them to work with us to strengthen the Chemical
Safety Improvement Act.


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