Climb Against the Odds 2016 – Meet the Climbers – Ritu Mathur



CAO_RituRitu, who lives in San Francisco,  was diagnosed with Leukemia at a time in her life when she felt the fittest she ever had. Now she wants to push past her last year of illness and be strong again while raising funds for a cause she believes in. She hopes to spread the prevention message by sharing her knowledge of toxic chemicals in everyday products.  Ritu, who was a National Merit Scholar,  holds a BA in economics from Berkeley and a MBA from UCLA. She also lived abroad while studying French, art, philosophy and literature at the Paris-Sorbonne University. She’ll undoubtedly enrich nighttime conversations around the campfire, and we hope she might contribute some Nestle chocolate (she used to be a Brand manager there) to our s’mores. She currently works in marketing at Clif Bar and along with her co-worker Ed, will represent Clif on Mt. Shasta this year.

Good luck Ritu! The Breast Cancer Fund will be there to celebrate your incredible accomplishment!


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  1. Hello,

    Ritu Mathur lefther phone and and credit cards out the front of my shop sleepy jones in NYC.

    Please contact her and let her know.

    Thank you,

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