Climbers face the wind, cold and sleet and make it to the top of Mt. Shasta


They faced the rain, the sleet and some of
the most frigid conditions of any Mt. Shasta Climb Against the Odds, yet 15 climbers have summited the 14,179-ft. mountain!

More than half the climb team including Hendy Dayton, Leslie Vanoni, Bridget Vanoni, Jen Bray, Nick Corzine, Kristin Winchell, Johanna D'Arcy, Kelsy Kerr, Nicole Umatum, Giordan
Morey, Christina Gee, Phi Le, Annie Smith, Cathy Ann Taylor, Linda Chitwood and Kelsy Woodson made it to the summit.

Kelsy Woodson, who works at
Osprey Packs, is climbing in the spirit of people she knows who have had

“I have never been diagnosed with this disease but have
cancer survivors such as my grandparents and friends who are struggling with
the disease to this very day,” Woodson said in her climb bio. “This is an
important aspect as to why I am doing this climb. I climb as a way to recognize
the individual perseverance that they might go through, and I climb to take
part in this unstoppable wave of reason in eliminating toxic chemicals and
radiation linked to this disease.”

Kristin Winchell, a graduate student who celebrated her
29th birthday on June 14, climbs in honor of her mom, who passed away last July from breast cancer.

Congratulations, climbers! Your resilience is an inspiration.


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  1. Congratulations to the whole team on an awesome climb under challenging conditions! Big hugs to Connie and Martha!

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