Exposed: The mammogram myth and the pinkwashing of America (Orion Magazine, 9-10/2013)


A must-read: Orion Magazine piece (which cites the Breast Cancer Fund many times) on the business of breast cancer, making another firm case for moving beyond the pink, beyond “awareness” and into an era of prevention.

The author mentions the Breast Cancer Fund’s landmark report State of the Evidence multiple times throughout the article and identifies some of the “jaw-dropping list of chemical compounds known or suspected to cause breast cancer.”

“According to the Breast Cancer Fund’s report State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment, exposure to ionizing radiation is the ‘best- and longest-established environmental cause of human breast cancer.’ Simply put, this means that the very test meant to save women from the ravages of breast cancer may over time actually increase their risk of the disease.”

Read on in the full article.


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