Final weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention


October has come to an end and so has our tip series for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But, please remember that these helpful, everyday tips can still be found on the Breast Cancer Fund’s blog. We definitely encourage you to revisit these suggestions, written by Dr. Janet Gray, editor of the Breast Cancer Fund’s 2008 and upcoming 2010 State of the Evidence reports, and to look to the Breast Cancer Fund’s Web site and Facebook page for upcoming healthy living ideas.

Here’s a recap of this week’s tips for prevention:

Taking individual actions toward reducing your everyday exposures to toxic chemicals and radiation is a step in the direction of breast cancer prevention, but stopping this disease before it starts also requires greater accountability by corporations and policymakers to protect our health and the health of our environment. Please continue to join us in important legislative initiatives, such as banning BPA from food and beverage containers, expanding the FDA’s authority to make sure cosmetics are safe, and creating a national health-tracking system to connect disease rates and pollution.

Thank you for taking time throughout October to share these tips with your family and friends. Your help has been a crucial piece in expanding the conversation about breast cancer to include prevention.


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