Focus on preventing cancer (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/15/2013)


of women each year face decisions like Angelina Jolie's bold choice to undergo a
preventative double mastectomy. But in her San Francisco chronicle
Breast Cancer Fund President and CEO Jeanne Rizzo asks: what if
fewer women had to?

Most women who develop breast cancer do not have a family history of, or genetic predisposition to, the disease. In fact, the majority of cases can be attributed to environmental causes including toxic chemicals and radiation:

"Decades of scientific evidence points to modern living as a major
culprit. In our daily lives we are exposed to toxic chemicals and
radiation from a wide range of sources, including cleaning and
personal-care products, plastics, food, air, water, medical treatments,
our workplaces and our neighborhoods."

We have the power to stop breast cancer before it starts, and reduce risks for the vast majority of women who have no genetic predisposition to the disease:

"We need to develop a federal research agenda that prioritizes investment
in the study of chemical agents that contribute to the disease, and
public health measures to reduce exposures."

Read more at the San Francisco Chronicle , join us in creating a breast cancer prevention strategy and learn about a groundbreaking report, which concludes that identifying and eliminating the environmental
causes of breast cancer presents the greatest opportunity to prevent the


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