Girls hit puberty earlier than ever, and doctors aren’t sure why (USA Today, 4/11/2011)


Because of the link between early puberty in girls and increased breast cancer risk later in life, the Breast Cancer Fund commissioned a report from author, epidemiologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber. Four years after its publication, families, doctors and researchers are still grappling with the causes and impacts of early puberty. USA Today reporter Liz Szabo covers this important topic on today's front page:

Claudia and Joe's baby girl has been racing to grow up, almost from the moment she was born. Laila sat up on her own at 5 months old and began talking at 7 months and walking by 8½ months.

Even so, Laila's parents never expected their baby to hit puberty at age 6. (Read complete article.)

The article is part of a weeklong series called Saving Childhood.


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