GreenSpace: How to enhance breast cancer education and prevention (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/13/2013)


In four years the NFL has raised $4.5 million through sales of game gear and other pink paraphernalia, yet the Breast Cancer Fund’s Beyond the Pink initiative seeks to wade through the pink and prevent the disease before there’s anything to treat.

A recent Philadelphia Inquirer article on pinkwashing and the NFL quotes our fearless leader, Jeanne Rizzo:

“Never mind the pink shoelaces. ‘I would like every football player to say, ‘I’m going to go home and look at what’s in my house that my daughter’s exposed to,’  Rizzo said.

When she thinks of her granddaughters, her wish isn’t that they get good treatment some day. It’s that they not get breast cancer in the first place.”

Read on in the full article.


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