How to reduce BPA exposure from food (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/17/2011)


A useful article in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle gives practical tips for reducing BPA exposure in the kitchen (many of which echo our own) and talks about the study of BPA in food packaging that we co-released just a few weeks ago:

Reading about the study in The Chronicle prompted Gary Kelly of Orinda to consider ridding his kitchen of plastic containers.

"I never microwave in plastic, and now, I think, perhaps the next step is to get rid of plastics," says Kelly. He says his only doubt about switching to glass containers is whether they will break or take up too much storage space.

BPA is also found in the epoxy resins used to line metal food cans. In 2009, Consumer Reports tested 19 name-brand canned foods and found almost all contained some level of BPA. The levels varied wildly, with the highest found in canned green beans and soup. It didn't matter whether the food was certified organic or not. (Read complete article.)


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