Johnson & Johnson to remove formaldehyde from products (New York Times, 8/16/2012)


Our announcement yesterday that Johnson & Johnson has committed to removing chemicals of concern, including formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane, triclosan and certain phthalates and parabens, was reported by the New York Times today.

The Breast Cancer Fund's Lisa Archer, who leads the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, told the Times that we will continue to push global giants in the cosmetics industry to make safer products:

Johnson & Johnson, which makes a range of personal care products like baby shampoo, acne cream and antiwrinkle lotion, announced plans Wednesday to remove a host of potentially harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde, from its line of consumer products by the end of 2015, becoming the first major consumer products company to make such a widespread commitment….

“There’s a very lively public discussion going on about the safety of ingredients in personal care products,” said Susan Nettesheim, vice president for product stewardship and toxicology for the company’s consumer health brands….

Lisa Archer, director of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, said her group would continue to press other cosmetics and consumer-goods companies to follow Johnson & Johnson, including the Estée Lauder Companies, Procter & Gamble, Avon and L’Oreal. (Read complete article.)


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