Lawmakers want FDA to regulate cosmetics (Roll Call, 3/29/2012)


A Tuesday Congressional hearing on cosmetic safety shed light on the problem of toxic chemicals in these everyday products. Congress is poised to take action, but will lawmakers favor a bill that protects health or a bill backed by the cosmetics industry? Capitol Hill publication Roll Call explains:

There’s formaldehyde in your Brazilian Blowout, lead in your Grecian Formula hair dye and who knows what in your perfume. Certainly not the government.

For the first time in more than 30 years, lawmakers are preparing to extend the Food and Drug Administration’s authority to regulate cosmetics, setting off a battle between large makeup manufacturers and consumer safety advocates over how far the government should go.

“I think there has been undue influence on the Office of Cosmetics and Colors from the cosmetics industry since they started regulating cosmetics 70 years ago,” said Janet Nudelman, the policy director of the Breast Cancer Fund, which sponsors the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a coalition of 150 organizations representing consumers, salon workers and environmentalists. “It’s such an incestuous relationship.” (Read complete article on Roll Call.)

If you haven't already, ask your Representative to support the Safe Cosmetics Act, a bill supported by the Breast Cancer Fund and our Campaign for Safe Cosmetics coalition that would protect our health by getting carcinogens and other chemicals of concern out of cosmetics.


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