Mainstream moving further upstream to “Combat Environmental Causes of Cancer”


A couple of weeks ago we presented Dr. Margaret Kripke of MD Anderson, co-author of the President's Cancer Panel report on the environment and cancer, which calls for a precautionary approach to public health, pre-market testing and regulation of toxic chemicals, with special attention given to bisphenol A (a real bad actor chemical)—all the things we have been talking about for over 10 years.

We were all uplifted, validated, invigorated and also sadly reminded that this report has been out for months and not a word from the White House, some media attention with criticsm from the mainstream cancer organizations but barely a bit of serious attention to it.

Then today, as I am about to end a long work day, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine comes across my screen, a perspective written by Harvard's David C. Christiani, M.D., M.P.H.,  "Combating Environmental Causes of Cancer," making the same case from yet another mainstream institution in a very mainstream journal.

Is the established  mainstream scientific community finally looking upstream for the causes of cancer and actually calling for primary prevention of the disease by better understanding and eliminating the environmental cuases? Yes, indeed they are.

As followers and supporters of the Breast Cancer Fund, you can join me in a moment of pride and satisfaction that our message and our voices are not falling on deaf ears. We are making a difference. We have to continue to create a demand for our health and well being.


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