Marin breast cancer linked to vitamin D receptor? (San Francisco Chronicle, 8/8/2012)


California's Marin County, north of San Francisco, has some of the country's highest breast cancer rates. New research explores a vitamin D connection. Though not conclusive, this pilot study points to the need to look beyond traditional risk factors like diet, exercise and family history.

A small pilot study of Marin County women determined through testing to be at high risk for breast cancer found them to be almost twice as likely to have a variant of a vitamin D receptor as the overall population of 338 in the study.

Jeanne Rizzo, president of the Breast Cancer Fund, an advocacy group that focuses on the environmental causes of breast cancer, said it's too soon to stock up on vitamin D.

"But this tells us we should be looking at things that are not just traditional risk factors and it's important to continue this investigation," said Rizzo. (Read complete article.)


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