Meet the Climber: Katie Heineman


Katie Heineman, a sales coordinator at Adventure Medical Kits, is climbing Mt. Shasta for her grandma, who was a breast cancer survivor and her mom, who is a skin cancer survivor. Katie

“My mother is my rock. She has been fighting re-occurring skin cancer for 20 years. Every time she has more of her cut away, I hear nothing but positivity and strength. She always takes it in stride and tries to find the best possible way of looking at her situation.”  

Anything we can do to reduce the harmful chemicals in our environment is a step toward a better and healthier society, Katie says.

“As an environmentalist, I often hear people argue that other issues are more important than cleaning up our environment. What those people don’t realize is how eliminating toxins in our environment helps not only the planet, but our health. Our environment isn’t just the rivers, lakes, and streams– it is our communities, our households, our dinner plates, it is us; we are a part of our environment.”

Last year Katie found out that three of the discs in her back were not only herniated, but no longer had the vital fluid to create shock absorption in the lumbar part of her spine.

“I could not sit, stand, or sleep without several drugs and couldn’t walk on my left leg without a limp for months. I tried PT, injections, and nothing worked. As I turned from a happy-go-lucky active, outdoor gal into a depressed, drugged ball of misery, I knew I had to do something. I ended up electing to have back surgery. I worked to regain my strength with PT and yoga and have been pain free since then. It was a tough road and I learned so much about myself that has made me into who I am today.”


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