Moms to Calif. state Assembly: We want BPA-free kids!


On Wednesday morning, over 100 California moms, kids and health  Photo2 advocates gathered on the steps of the State Capitol in support of banning the synthetic estrogen BPA from feeding products designed for children 3 years old and younger.

Following the rally, the kids, wearing "Make Me BPA-Free!" t-shirts, joined their mothers in visiting Assemblymember offices to deliver messages in BPA-free baby bottles, encouraging their support for SB797.

“Our message to the Assembly is clear: We can’t wait any longer to protect kids,” said Gretchen Lee Salter, policy manager at the Breast Cancer Fund. “No matter what the chemical industry says, scientists, health professionals and parents insist that synthetic hormones have no place in baby food and beverage products.”

Meanwhile, the chemical industry continues their intense public relations blitz to fight efforts to restrict BPA. An investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed a well-funded campaign by the chemical industry to fight legislation, downplay BPA’s risks, and discredit any efforts to warn the public of the dangers of BPA.

The Assembly is scheduled to vote on this important legislation as early as next week. Join the Breast Cancer Fund and concerned Californians in taking action to support for SB797!

View the Breast Cancer Fund's press release on the Sacramento rally.


2 thoughts on “Moms to Calif. state Assembly: We want BPA-free kids!

  1. My daughter is 71/2 years old and one year ago she was diagnosed with early puberty. Now I wonder. How ? A healthy little girl! No history in the family. Now I just wonder. Could have being years of bottle feeding? The doctors say we will only find out years from now. Now we have to treat her. I really hope more researches can be done soon.

  2. Ladies and gentleman, the world’s smallest and most effective advocates: KIDS! Pleast take action today! Write your legislator in the state Assembly. Call! Urge them to vote yes for SB 797!

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