Nurse urges opposition to Udall-Vitter bill


On April 21 Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), ranking member of the Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), joined public health leaders, including Kathi Salley Randall, a nurse representing the Breast Cancer Fund, to discuss the need for toxic chemical reform that will protect public health.

Below is Nurse Kathi’s statement:

“I am here representing the Breast Cancer Fund and the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, two organizations working to reduce the public’s exposure to toxic chemicals. But mostly, I’m here today as a neonatal nurse to represent my patients…the most vulnerable of our citizens. We all know that TSCA needs to be reformed – the numbers are staggering and irrefutable: 85,000 chemicals and only 5 restricted or banned. Clearly the law has been a total failure.

 The question before us today is this: Will we really fix this broken system and protect the public from toxic chemicals? Or Will we pass a bill that further hampers the EPA from regulating toxic chemicals AND ties the hands of states acting to protect their citizens – in other words – will we make a bad situation worse? Unfortunately, the Udall/Vitter bill falls squarely into that second category and makes a bad situation worse. It does nothing to reduce our daughters, sisters, and mothers’ exposure to chemicals that increase the chances of breast cancer or to protect precious newborns.

 A newborn intensive care unit is a sick baby’s first bedroom. It should be an environment where babies can recover, develop and thrive without the added stress of toxic chemical exposure. Congress has a moral obligation to protect these tiny citizens who are arriving in the world pre-polluted with hundreds of chemicals. The Udall/Vitter bill will not fulfill that obligation and will not protect the public.”

Stand with Nurse Kathi and tell your senators to put Americans’ health before chemical industry interests:



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