Researchers believe BPA poses risk to babies in the womb (ABC News, 10/8/2013)


The ABC affiliate in Syracuse ran two stories featuring the Breast Cancer Fund including one on Target and Walmart's new steps to clean up chemicals in products and another on our prenatal report, which calls for the urgent need to get the toxic endocrine disruptor, BPA, out of food cans in order to protect pregnant women and future generations.

"We've been seeing mercury in face cream, formaldehyde in hair straightening products, heavy metals in lipsticks and lip glosses," explained Janet Nudelman, the Director of Program and Policy for the Breast Cancer Fund and Co-Founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. “Lead in lipstick, these are connected to cancer, reproductive and development harm.”

"Consumer concerns have led manufacturers to remove it from baby bottles
and infant formula packaging, but BPA could pose a risk to children long
before they take their first sip of milk, according to the Breast
Cancer Fund." 

Check out the full stories: and


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