Revlon attempts to silence survivors, moms and safe cosmetics advocates



More than 50,000 concerned consumers have joined us to ask Revlon about the toxic chemicals in its products and the only responses we've received are a threat of legal action, and the repeated deletions of Facebook posts to the company's timeline. 

We’ve been asking: "Does Revlon Care?" We think we know the answer.

Here are some of the posts that were deleted. People shared the above graphic on Revlon's wall and added their own two cents: 

  • Gina Mitchell Keener: "How can you, in good conscience, put cancer-causing chemicals in your products and at the same time say you have women's best interests at heart? SHAME ON YOU!
  • Vanessa Taback: "Saddened to learn about the numerous amounts of unsafe ingredients in your products…to learn that you proport to support women and women's causes when in actuality contribute to poisoning women in the name of profit. You've lost a customer, permanently, as well as those I know and love. Shame on you Revlon."
  • Wendy Neff Tonga: "Please stop putting the harmful chemicals in your cosmetics. Women want safe cosmetics to help them look better and not stuff that is hurting them."
  • Blanca Robledo: "I'm switching to safe cosmetics. I won't buy your chemicals anymore."
  • Debora Randolph Brather: "Please protect your customers and the environment by removing toxic chemicals from your products."
  • Rhonda Proffitt Klokow: "REVLON, you've always been a trusted name in cosmetics. Please clean up your products so your name is trusted again!"
  • Erin Field: "Time to take the chemicals out of your products if you truly care about women. Otherwise please stop pretending!!!"
  • and MANY more!

Add your own comments. Tell Revlon and the world that you demand safe cosmetics. Post your thoughts and paste this link on your own Facebook timeline. 


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