Shoppers move Target to address toxic chemicals (San Francisco Chronicle, 10/28/2013)




Source: Marcus Quigmire, Wikimedia

 The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Target's new sustainability standard that will evaluate and rank personal care and cleaning products based on ingredient safety and disclosure and environmental impact.

Target's new standard will redefine sustainability for consumers and manufacturers, and will  be applied to 7,500 cleaning, personal care and beauty, and baby-care products that are currently on its shelves. According to Janet Nudelman, the Breast Cancer Fund's director of program and policy, the new standard could create a sea change in the personal care products industry. 

"Retail stores have the power to shift the market in the same way that regulation does," Nudelman said in the article. "If a Walmart or Target
says to (manufacturers), 'We want you to take the safety of ingredients
more seriously,' they're going to do it."

While consumer demand appears to be forcing companies to change their ways, there's still a strong need for federal regulations.

"It shouldn't be the responsibility of Target to do the job of the federal government," Nudelman said. "And kudos to Target for doing their fair share. But at the end of the day, we need stricter federal regulations so these toxic chemicals don't get into cosmetics in the first place." 

Read on in the full San Francisco Chronicle article.


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