Big Chem’s lock on FDA over darling hormone disruptor, BPA

The FDA announced in December that bisphenol A (BPA), the chemical used to make plastics hard and to line cans, was safe for humans at current levels found in food. The safety assessment was based on the FDA’s four-year review of 300 BPA studies, including those done both by independent academic scientists and industry scientists. … Read more…

Avon finally gives triclosan the boot (The Guardian, 4/1/2014)

Facing pressure from shareholders and consumers who want safer cosmetics, Avon announced it will phase out the toxic chemical triclosan from its beauty and personal care products. While the Breast Cancer Fund and our Campaign for Safe Cosmetics are pleased that Avon has taken action to remove this hormonally active chemical, we’re pushing the company … Read more…

Chemical safety bill too flawed to support (San Francisco Chronicle, 7/5/2013)

San Francisco Chronicle editorial echoes Breast Cancer Fund’s stance on the Chemical Safety Improvement Act.

California says BPA is toxic, France warns pregnant women

Two strikes against BPA this week: California’s Prop 65 and French report advising pregnant women to avoid exposure to the chemical.