Target aims for healthier products under veil of secrecy (The Guardian, 12/18/2013)

Working with GoodGuide, Target will rank products for health and sustainability, but won’t share those scores with the public

A toxic situation: Walmart and Target take on chemical safety (The Guardian, 12/17/2013)

In a perfect world, the government would rely on sound science to regulate chemicals in personal and home care products, and consumers could safely assume that there’s no need to worry about the things they buy…

Eat, Shop, Give. #GivingTuesday challenge gives Breast Cancer Fund supporters chance to double their impact

Americans have Thanksgiving for feasting, Black Friday and Cyber Monday for shopping, and now #GivingTuesday for celebrating our country’s great tradition of generosity.

Researchers believe BPA poses risk to babies in the womb (ABC News, 10/8/2013)

BPA could pose a risk to children long before they take their first sip of milk…

Media Roundup: Women take on cosmetics industry (San Jose Mercury News, 10/9/2013)

How a bootstrap effort to examine ingredients in cosmetics grew into a national movement, also known as our Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and transformed the personal care products industry….

ConsumerWatch: Walmart Phasing Out Some Harmful Chemicals (CBS, 9/13/13)

Our own Science and Education Manager Connie Engel discusses three of the toxic chemicals that should top Walmart’s pending hit list in an interview that aired on CBS-San Francisco.

P&G halts use of 2 chemicals in personal care products (Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/7/2013)

After more than a decade of pressure from our Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, consumer product giant Proctor & Gamble has announced that it will halt the use of diethyl phthalate (DEP) and triclosan in personal care products starting in 2014.

Hey Guy, Toxic Shampoo Is Bad for You Too! (Huffington Post, 5/21/2013)

Breast Cancer Fund Director of Program and Policy Janet Nudelman explores the threats to men’s health from personal care products in this Huffington Post blog.