Chemical safety bill too flawed to support (San Francisco Chronicle, 7/5/2013)

San Francisco Chronicle editorial echoes Breast Cancer Fund’s stance on the Chemical Safety Improvement Act.

Hey Guy, Toxic Shampoo Is Bad for You Too! (Huffington Post, 5/21/2013)

Breast Cancer Fund Director of Program and Policy Janet Nudelman explores the threats to men’s health from personal care products in this Huffington Post blog.

California says BPA is toxic, France warns pregnant women

Two strikes against BPA this week: California’s Prop 65 and French report advising pregnant women to avoid exposure to the chemical.

Does ExxonMobil have your senator’s ear?

We see a lot of chemical industry shenanigans in our legislative efforts to protect people from toxic chemicals, both in Washington and in statehouses. But this is too much.

Week Two: Breast Cancer Prevention Month

Week two of Breast Cancer Prevention Month focuses on the reality that chemicals in our everyday products are not just affecting our health — they’re making their way into our environment.

Weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention

We took Monday off for the holiday, so we have four tips in this week's roundup of breast cancer prevention tips, courtesy Dr. Janet Gray and the Daily Green. If you missed them on Facebook, find them now, right here! Avoid weed killers — on your lawn, around the house and in kids' play areas. … Read more…