Honoring the Legacy of Theo Colborn

by Breast Cancer Fund President and CEO Jeanne Rizzo When I first got involved with the Breast Cancer Fund in the late 90’s, our organization’s founder, Andrea Martin had a dog-eared copy of Our Stolen Future and told me to read it. Andrea had begun to amass file boxes of research papers and commentary on … Read more…

Pioneering Prevention: A public conversation on breast cancer and the environment

On May 30 a group of trailblazers in the movement to prevent breast cancer gathered at UCSF Mission Bay for the Breast Cancer Fund’s Pioneering Prevention event. Listen to the full recording of their passionate discussion.

Focus on preventing cancer (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/15/2013)

Jeanne Rizzo, president and CEO of the Breast Cancer Fund, reacts to Angelina Jolie’s announcement of her preventative double mastectomy in this SF Chronicle op-ed.

Breast Cancer and the Environment (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences podcast, 3/15/2013)

Breast Cancer Fund President and CEO Jeanne Rizzo talks about why translating breast cancer research is critical for the decisions we make in our everyday lives.

We’re making history today

“Evidence suggests that breast cancer can be prevented.” While these words might not seem revolutionary to those of us who have been working to prevent the disease for years…

Now undeniable: Breast cancer that comes with the job (Huffington Post, 11/26/2012)

Unfortunately for these women workers and for all of us, many industry and government leaders refuse to act based on biological plausibility. Instead, they prefer plausible deniability.

Five Things You Should Know About Environmental Links to Breast Cancer (Forbes, 12/7/2011)

Amy Westervelt’s Forbes.com piece does a great job of parsing through the intricacies of the Institute of Medicine’s new report. Here’s an excerpt, with a quote from our president and CEO, Jeanne Rizzo…