How beauty products got safer over the past decade

Since 2004, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has used smarts and sass to pressure the cosmetics industry to make safer products. A project of the Breast Cancer Fund, the Campaign works to protect the health of consumers, workers and the environment through public education and engagement, corporate accountability and sustainability campaigns and legislative advocacy designed to eliminate … Read more…

Media Roundup: The High Price of Pretty Nails

A New York Times investigation released on Thursday, May 7, which uncovered  the horrendous conditions nail salon workers face on the job, led to a maelstrom of buzz and debates about worker rights and toxic exposures. The exposé revealed that salon workers are not only grossly underpaid and mistreated, but they are being poisoned by the … Read more…

The ‘No More Tears’ shampoo, now with no formaldehyde (New York Times, 1/17/14)

“The company is responding…to a fundamental shift in consumer behavior, as an increasingly informed public demands that companies be more responsive to their concerns…”

President’s Cancer Panel, NYT’s Kristof call out BPA (New York Times, 5/6/2010)

It’s here: the long-awaited President’s Cancer Panel report Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now, and it’s not good news for BPA or any of the other cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting chemicals the Breast Cancer Fund is working to restrict.