Wal-Mart asks suppliers to stop using harmful chemicals (San Jose Mercury News, 2/28/14)

Wal-Mart notified suppliers they will need to reformulate soaps, makeup, household cleaners and more on Thursday as part of their new chemical policy.  Our media relations manager, Margie Kelly, was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News article about the new policy: "This is going to change the standard nationwide," said Margie Kelly, spokeswoman for … Read more…

Should we count on companies to protect us from toxic chemicals? (Huffington Post, 1/9/2014)

There’s a good chance you missed one of the biggest but most under-reported business stories of 2013.

Dare Revlon to Go Beyond the Pink

If Revlon really cares about cancer it is time for the cosmetics giant to come clean and remove toxic chemicals from its products.