Groundbreaking Study to Investigate Why So Many Female Firefighters are Getting Breast Cancer

  (Guest blog by Silent Spring Institute Research Director Ruthann Rudel) Firefighters put their lives on the line to save people. What many people don’t know is that firefighters may also be facing risk from an entirely different source: the chemicals they encounter on the job. In San Francisco, which has many female firefighters, there … Read more…

Eat like a Mennonite (New York Times, 1/18/2013)

What does it take for a modern American family to lower its BPA levels? Author Florence Williams offers a peek into her stint in the nearly-plastic-free world.

Eliminating packaged foods can lower BPA exposure (FOX News, 4/25/2011)

The endocrine-disrupting chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) is in the news again following the release of a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives. This time it is good news.