Under Pressure from Parents, Advocacy Groups, Campbell’s Goes BPA-Free (Forbes, 3/5/12)


On Monday, we shared the news that our Cans Not Cancer campaign scored a huge victory: After months of pressure from our campaign, Campbell's Soup Company announced it will phase out the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in its can linings.

Amy Westervelt''s great story for Forbes, Responding to Consumer Concern, Campbell's Goes BPA-Free, says:

Back in September, the traditionally family-friendly Campbell's Soup brand was attracting attention from moms for all the wrong reasons: A report released by advocacy group Breast Cancer Fund found the company’s soup to have some of the highest BPA levels among a variety of canned foods it tested… BPA (bisphenol A), a commonly used additive in food packaging, mimics human estrogen and is thought by some health advocates to be harmful to health, while others maintain that it is perfectly safe. At the time, Campbell Soup Company spokesman Anthony Sanzio said the company was confident in the safety of its products. ”The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence shows that the use of BPA in can lining poses no threat to human health,” he said. “That being said, we understand that consumers may have concerns about it. We’re very aware of the debate and we’re watching it intently.” (Read the full article.)

The victory was also covered by other news outlets, including:

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Campbell's announcement is is a victory for consumer health and safety, but the company still needs to provide consumers with a clear timeline for its transition away from BPA and proof that any alternative can-lining material is safe. Tell Campbell's CEO that you want to see the company’s words turn into real action to make its products safer. Take action!


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