Week Three: Breast Cancer Prevention Month


The release of our latest edition of State of the Evidence launched a month-long campaign to move the breast cancer conversation in October beyond awareness and to prevention. Through our online communities on Facebook and Twitter, we’re posting the latest themes in the emerging science linking breast cancer and environmental exposures, tips for reducing your risk, action opportunities and things you can share with family and friends to spread the word.

This week we hoped to spark a discussion on the right to know what’s in the products we buy. Currently, manufacturers of cleaning products are not required to disclose ingredients on their labels, and yet there’s a host of chemicals linked to cancer in many of these everyday brands. How clean is it, really, if cleaning products contain carcinogenic or hormone-disrupting chemicals?

Science Monday
Having a “clean” home is often associated with name-brand cleaning products, and while they might take away the dirt, what they leave behind can be a multi-syllable tongue twister – alkylphenols, nonylphenol ethoxylate, dichlorvos. Here’s a list of the chemicals in our cleaning products that we’re most concerned about, and where you’ll find them.

Tip Tuesday
You can create a cleaner home — free of chemicals linked to cancer — by either choosing products from companies transparent about their ingredients or by replacing the store-bought brands with homemade cleaners based on essentials you’re likely to already have in your cabinets.

Action Wednesday
Join us in taking action to require companies to disclose ingredients on the labels of their cleaning products. As you now know, this is crucial to helping us avoid those chemicals of concern linked to breast cancer. Support the Household Product Labeling Act!

Share Thursday
Now that you're informed on the hidden dangers -– and you've got your DIY recipes on-hand -– share some easy tips with your family and friends for creating a healthy home.

Please join us on Facebook and Twitter for another week of science and tips. And before October is over, check out our other Breast Cancer Prevention Month activities!


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