Weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention


We’ve finished another week of everyday tips to help you reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer. Thank you again to Dr. Gray and The Daily Green for making this possible. You can access all of the October tips on our Not My Breasts blog and find occasional tips throughout the year, as well as the latest news and conversations about prevention, on our Facebook page.

2006.02_teflon frying pan 1. Cook with stainless steel rather than aluminum and be cautious of aluminum-based deodorants.

2. Recycle cadmium batteries and keep any products containing cadmium away from kids.

3. Choose fish carefully, especially when pregnant, to avoid PCBs and dioxins.

4. Be wary of dry cleaning chemicals –- and look for alternatives to dry cleaning whenever possible. 

IStock_000004285486XSmall 5. Use natural sunscreens that don’t come with chemicals of concern.

With one week of October remaining, please continue helping us make prevention part of the conversation during Breast Cancer Awareness Month by joining our Prevention Matters campaign, where you can write a letter to the editor about prevention or send a message to Congress to support public policies that eliminate the environmental causes of the disease. Also, stay tuned for one more week of tips!


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