Weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention


This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Breast Cancer Fund is putting our own spin on the observance by posting a prevention tip each weekday on our Facebook page, courtesy of Dr. Janet Gray and the Daily Green. They're all designed to reduce your family's exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation that increase breast cancer risk.

In case you missed them, we'll be reposting these tips each Friday here on our blog. So, welcome to our first roundup (with a bonus tip from last Friday):

  1. Toddler_sippy_cup_iStock_000008372505MediumChoose a bisphenol A (BPA)-free water or baby bottle.
  2. Drink safe water (surprise, it doesn't come in a plastic bottle).
  3. Choose truly "microwave-safe" containers — no plastic containers or plastic wrap.
  4. Canned_food_iStock_000008582086MediumAvoid canned food — fresh or frozen taste better, anyway.
  5. Check your old foam furniture. Old foam mattresses and furniture can contain PBDEs, flame retardants that may be a breast cancer risk factor.
  6. Use nontoxic cleaning supplies. Bonus: no terrible chemical smell.

If you sign on as a fan of the Breast Cancer Fund on Facebook, upcoming tips will show up in your feed every day.

Is prevention a priority for you? Ask your elected officials in Washington to make it a national priority, too: Send them our Prevention Platform.


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