Weekly roundup: Tips for breast cancer prevention


We took Monday off for the holiday, so we have four tips in this week's roundup of breast cancer prevention tips, courtesy Dr. Janet Gray and the Daily Green. If you missed them on Facebook, find them now, right here!2007.05_Amvac

  1. Avoid weed killers — on your lawn, around the house and in kids' play areas.
  2. Use natural pesticides. Chemicals meant to kill bugs can harm us, too.
  3. Avoid bleach and chlorine, including bleached paper and personal care products.
  4. Use safe cosmetics — and ditch the toxic chemicals in products from shampoo to lotion to lipgloss.IStock_000005158158XSmall 

We'll be back on Facebook Monday to bring you another week of tips you can use to protect your family and yourself from everyday exposures to chemicals linked to breast cancer.

These are small changes, but they're part of a bigger effort to get toxic chemicals out of our environment — at home, at school, at work and out in the world. Help us make these tips obsolete for future generations: Ask your elected officials in Congress to sign on to our Prevention Platform for big change and better health for everyone.


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