Why I Climb: Serene Forte


In just a few weeks the Climb Against the Odds 2015 team embarks on their mountaineering expedition on 14,000-foot Mt. Shasta!  Each team member will arrive with very personal reasons to climb, yet together the team will show anything is possible with mutual support, determination and hard work. Meet Serene:

Name: Serene Forte
Location: Lexington, MA
Age:  54
Occupation: Virologist

Why I Climb:  My partner was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 after her first mammogram. The diagnosis was shocking because she had no family history, had a very active, healthy lifestyle and had no other risk factors. I want to help prevent breast cancer so no one ever has to go through what my partner endured.

Fun Facts: I like to challenge myself and push myself outside my comfort zone. I am a former member of the Boston Luna Mountain Bike Team. I took up mountain biking at the age of 44 even though it scared me. I won a silver medal at the Mountain Bike Nationals and it still scares me sometimes. The thought of climbing Shasta is up on the fear scale for me, but it will be well worth it if I can help prevent breast cancer. I am looking forward to the challenge of climbing Shasta!


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