Why I Hike (aka Thinking Before Pinking) (08/26/13)

Erin Hyman

Erin Hyman, president of BAYS

When Erin Hyman, the president of Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS), gets angry about cancer, it's not because she has it. It's because so many people have it.

"Granted, billions are poured into research, but it is primarily focused on treatment for early-stage disease. Very little goes into prevention—like taking endocrine-disrupting compounds out of our plastics and our cosmetics. Or reducing exposures to toxic chemicals that are known carcinogens."

She's moved beyond the pink and toward prevention. That's why she's joining the BAYS Babes team at Peak Hike.

"After a great deal of research and immersion into US breast cancer culture, I can say that the Breast Cancer Fund is an organization I believe in."

Read on in her full blog post: http://bit.ly/185FWyc
Join her on the trail: www.breastcancerfund.org/peakhike 


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