Beyond Pink Ribbons to Breast Cancer Prevention (Huffington Post, 10/17/2013)


In her latest Huffington Post piece, “Beyond Pink Ribbons to Breast Cancer Prevention,” our fearless leader Jeanne Rizzo introduces some of the voices in our Beyond The Pink storytelling project such as Heather, a firefighter who wonders if the unusually high rates of breast cancer among her colleagues is linked to the toxic chemicals they’re exposed to in burning buildings. She also mentions Kristin, who lost her mom to breast cancer last year, and thinks it’s time we wake up to the fact that neither companies nor the government is making sure the products we use and the food we eat are free of toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer.

“These stories are urging us to think differently about breast cancer. These voices are demanding that we pay attention to prevention. In these stories and voices, I hear the future of the breast cancer movement.”

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