BPA in canned foods: Should you worry? (ABC News, 9/21/2011)


Coverage of our BPA in Kids' Canned Food report from ABC News:

BPA, a key ingredient in hard plastics and resins used to coat metal cans, made headlines in 2008 when it was shown to leach out of plastic when heated. The Canadian government responded by banning the chemical from baby bottles. In the United States, the federal government has not followed suit, but several local governments have and leading U.S. baby bottle manufacturers went BPA-free voluntarily. But the chemical continues to line the country's cans.

"I think they're definitely right in trying to get this chemical out of canned foods," said Dr. John Spangler, professor of family and community medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine. "We can't do anything about past exposures but we can do something about current exposures." (Read complete article.)


2 thoughts on “BPA in canned foods: Should you worry? (ABC News, 9/21/2011)

  1. Thanks for your question. Plastic wrap does not contain BPA, which is used in hard, shatterproof polycarbonate plastics and in the epoxy resin that lines food cans. But plastic wraps *may* contain phthalates, plasticizers that should be avoided. At the Breast Cancer Fund, we recommend using glass, ceramic or stainless steel food and beverage containers.

  2. I have seen all plastic wraps are in all foods would the frozen veggies be safe if in referidgerator and then immed opened with sudden cold or heat would that be safe or harmful? even cheeses i immed remove all wrapping and put aluminum foil. is that ok? for also veggies?

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