California Assembly passes BPA bill


After a nail-biter of a vote, at noon today the California Assembly passed a bill that would (will!) remove the estrogenic chemical BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups, formula cans and baby food jars. That's one thrilling leap forward for children's health and breast cancer prevention, and a giant step back for the chemical industry, which spent more than $5 million trying to defeat the bill.

Today the Breast Cancer Fund celebrates this amazing victory. And then we're right back at it in Sacramento, making sure the bill passes a concurrence vote in the Senate AND gets signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger.

Thanks to a most dedicated team of staff, advocates, legislative champions, scientists, letter-writers, callers, allied organizations and supporters of all kinds for convincing the Assembly that kids and health must come first.

More details from our official press release.


One thought on “California Assembly passes BPA bill

  1. Thank goodness they passed the BPA bill. We are climbing the Seven Summits for breast cancer and use a ton of water bottles that previously were made with chemicals containing BPA. We are so glad that the dangers of BPA have been recognized and they are being eliminated from some of the things we all use so often. Great news!
    Kyle Ewing
    Seven Ribbons Foundation

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